In other good news, the date and venue has been set for Bit Gen Gamer Fest 5. The date is set for Saturday August 14, 2010  at The Sonar in Baltimore, MD. So far, the confirmed bands  are Entertainment System, Rare Candy, Armadillo Tank, The X Hunters, The Ultraball, This Place is Haunted, and Powerglove. My god how I have missed Powerglove! It’s been about 2 MAGfests since I’ve seen them and I’m going through withdrawal since my Metal Kombat For the Moral Man cd has stopped working from me playing it so much. (Yes I do have the mp3 ripped on my computer, but I hid them from myself. That happens when you upgrade from a 250 Gig  to 1 TB hard drive.)

And the best news is, this list is going to get longer! I hope the Protomen can come back this year. I wasn’t able to see them perform since I had to leave early last year. (Tired driver + No $ for a hotel = Leaving early and missing The Protomen :(   ) But this year I will stay the entire time, even if I have to sleep in my car afterward. But I have to get invited back again. I really hope I get invited back. It was a lot of fun last year and this year looks to be epic!

I’ll post more updates as they come along. In the meantime, enjoy the music from the bands pages. :)

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