One of the tools we use when designing a new hat is a mock-up. Crocheting bits and pieces to a hat can take quite a bit of time, so when we have an idea for a design we use colored felt to get an idea on how it will look. Most of the time you can tell what will work and what won’t right away. And sometimes when you do get a look you like, you’ll find it’s a chore to get the yarn in just the shape that it was so easy to cut the felt into.
In this case you can see we used the orange and green of the Metroid Prime series. As we started gathering reference material from the internet, we noticed right off that each game in the series modified or interpreted Samus’ armor in a slightly different way. The common features of all of them could be distilled down to; the visor, the breather/vent below the visor, the side bulges near/over the ears and the tubes connecting the breather and the bulges. In this mock up you can see our visor and “tubes” pinned on to our base hat. Once we saw how these looked, we decided on the final design. All thats left is to build it. Look for it sometime in early ’09.

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