So the Blue Slime hat has been in the works for about 8 months. The hat just wouldn’t come together no matter what we tried. Here’s the first shot:

Blue Slime Trial

Not even close. Put a peak on a beanie and you get…a beanie with a peak.
So after much, and I do mean much, trial and error we got an almost perfect blue slime. The pic just doesn’t do it justice.

Here was the next try:

Blue Slime Plush

So he’s looking good now. The problem? He’s hollow in the center and stuffed with poly fill and takes upwards of 4 hours to make. If you wanted to wear him you’d need to make another beanie and sew it inside. And the hat would be huge! It’s hard enough to scale the basic hats up and still have them look good, but now you’d need to scale up a plushie and a hat.

So after some pattern cropping and massaging, we came up with this:

Blue Slime Hat

Now that we’ve established a pattern that works (i.e. looks good and doesn’t take bleeding forever to make) we’re off! Palette swaps should be a breeze. Metal Slime here we come.
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