Yeah, it just might be that awesome. We got a convo on Friday from one Tanya, aka, Beatboxtaun, that she had featured our work in her site 8bitfix. Curious to see what her street cred was, we jumped over to her Etsy shop, and holy shite!

It’s the scarf! No just any scarf, The Scarf! Lusted after by many, possessed by few, The Scarf is rumored to up your geek/gamer cred to Will Wright proportions! The Scarf acts like powerful magnet to the opposite sex; Hugh Hefner has issued standing orders that anyone possessing The Scarf is to be denied entrance to the Playboy Mansion. Any raid leader possessing The Scarf is said to be assured of victory, phat lewts and rare drops.

That being said, be sure to check out Tanya’s site when you get a chance, and tell ‘em The Don sent you.

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