Nothing like a early Christmas present from unexpected quarters. The fine ladies of Sisters In Gaming saw fit discuss out modest enterprise during the Crafting Mama segment of their December 24th podcast which can be heard here. Nothing like free love and advertising to warm you on a cold winters night. If you get the chance, return that favor and check out their community. After all, it’s hard being a woman in a boys world….unless you’re out ganking newbs in Southshore. Lol, newbs.

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone out there who has featured the store in their own blogs or web pages in the past few months. I still feel giddy and a little weirded out when I Google search the store and see how many people have actually mentioned it in some way. It’s really cool to see the hits that turn up in different languages. I have no idea what some of the posts are saying…I can only hope the reviews are good :)


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