pac man scarf

It’s finally completed! It took a while for me to work on but I finally completed it. I had the hardest time getting the pupils of the eyes to be a uniform size each time, so I went with doll eyes instead. I think it worked out rather well.

This is actually my first try at anything with Yoshi as the subject and I think it turned out rather well. It took me a little over 6 hours and a lot of Netflix streaming to finish this beast. The easiest part was making the tongue, which is the actual scarf part that wraps around your neck.
Yoshi Scarf

The  head wasn’t as difficult to make as I anticipated, but it was a little on the complicated side to come up with. But I think I did pretty well for my first attempt at recreating the character.

Yoshi Scarf Head

The first of three hopeful Chain Chomp inspired items, this is the Chain Chomp Scarf in all it’s glory. I had a tough time getting the scarf to a point where I thought it would look its best and be easily recognizable. I think I got pretty close with this rendition.

Chain Chomp Scarf

The hardest part of this scarf was creating the links. I started out with a few different versions of what I wanted the chain links to look like.

Link versions

But I ended up going with a modified version of the first link I made. I think it turned out pretty well.

And just for reference, here’s a shot of the scarf with a yard stick for reference.

Scarf with yard stick

Yeah, it’s that long. But it only took me about 5 hours to make, so it’s still less time than what it took to make the Noby Noby Boy hat and scarf combo so I’m not too worried.

So the Blue Slime hat has been in the works for about 8 months. The hat just wouldn’t come together no matter what we tried. Here’s the first shot:

Blue Slime Trial

Not even close. Put a peak on a beanie and you get…a beanie with a peak.
So after much, and I do mean much, trial and error we got an almost perfect blue slime. The pic just doesn’t do it justice.

Here was the next try:

Blue Slime Plush

So he’s looking good now. The problem? He’s hollow in the center and stuffed with poly fill and takes upwards of 4 hours to make. If you wanted to wear him you’d need to make another beanie and sew it inside. And the hat would be huge! It’s hard enough to scale the basic hats up and still have them look good, but now you’d need to scale up a plushie and a hat.

So after some pattern cropping and massaging, we came up with this:

Blue Slime Hat

Now that we’ve established a pattern that works (i.e. looks good and doesn’t take bleeding forever to make) we’re off! Palette swaps should be a breeze. Metal Slime here we come.

You know how in the classic 8-bit Mega Man games you just keep dieing over and over till you learn the right patterns? Creating the Mega Man hat was eerily like that. We worked on and off trying to develop something that looked even close to good. Pattern books were consulted. The Internet was researched. We even had a sheep and an old crone ready to read it’s entrails. And what we found was that nothing was quite right. Nothing had the right feel. Were we doing this right? Here’s just two of our early attempts

Mega Man Prototype 1

As you can see, we started with a base beanie and then continued the yarn down the back to simulate the curvature of the helmet. The theory was sound, but the effect when placed on a real human head left much to be desired. We stopped the project at that point.

Mega Man Prototype 2

The second attempt tried for a different effect. Since the first had warped so badly on the sides of the helmet we tried for a tie down strap under the chin. This is also the first time we tried the side orbs which we modified slightly for the final design. The triangle in the front between the eyes tried to compensate for the lack of curvature around the face that you see in drawings of Mega Man’s helmet. This wasn’t quite what we looking for either.

Mega Man Final

So we started from scratch. We tried to capture the essence of Mega Man without recreating him perfectly. Judging from the number of them sold, I say people like it.

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