…and the only good part about that movie was the soundtrack. I’m serious. I don’t even think it’s worthy enough for HBO and would be surprised if it went straight to a TNT-like channel and skipped HBO entirely. I wouldn’t waste your money or your time in seeing this movie-it’s just not worth it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch Easy A-the Netflix I got in the mail yesterday-and let Spill.com fill in the gaps for my review.

SuckerPunch Audio Review

It’s finally here! I’ve completed the new Shadows In The Nyte website! woot! You can go and view it here: http://www.shadowsinthenyte.com

Yeah, you know that week that I said I would post the Bit Gen 5 pictures? Yeah I didn’t get around to doing that. I still have them…somewhere on the massiveness of my 1TB hard drive. And you will be able to see them…on the new Facebook page! Yes, we will be on Facebook within the month. And you will be able to check up with us on Twitter and on the new web site! I know, I know, I’ve said I would have a new web site a few times now but it’s actually happening this time! I’m working on it for my senior project this semester and it is coming together nicely. :)

So to recap real fast: there will be a new website up soon and you will be able to find us on facebook and twitter. Any pictures I’ll have will be on facebook or linked to a flickr slideshow (so you guys not on facebook can see them as well).

Here’s to things actually moving along! And now, I’m back to work! My homework can’t do itself sadly.

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